March 25, 2012

Template 17 - 20

Here are 4 more Templates I've made a while back but haven't gotten around to posting them due to real life issues that was going on.
Hope you enjoy using them!

Temp 17

Temp 18

Temp 19

Temp 20

Easter Templates

With Easter being 3 wks. away I've made 4 Easter temps. for you all to use to make your Easter Tags with. There will be more coming on the way soon!!
Hope you all enjoy using the Temps!!


You may download the templates individually or you can get them all in one zip.

March 10, 2012

St. Patty's Temps

Here are some St. Patty's temps I've made w/o words.
Hope you like them and enjoy using them!!

St. Patty's Temps w/words

Here are some St.Patty's Temps I've created with some wordings.
Hope you enjoy using these!!